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AASHTO Shear Chapter Page

This page is set up to give engineers free access to spreadsheets that can be used to calculate the shear strengths of beams and columns according to the 2000 AASHTO code.

This page has been prepared by Prof. Evan C. Bentz and Prof. M.P. Collins at the University of Toronto. Permission is given to do anything at all with these spreadsheets. We do ask, however, that if any significant improvements are made to them, that they be sent back to Toronto to allow us to improve the versions here as well.

Note that these pages have not been approved by AASHTO and do not necessarily represent the views of AASHTO. We believe that these spreadsheets are correct and valid, but we cannot be held liable for any problems that may arise from the use or misuse of these spreadsheets. It is the responsibility of the engineer to ensure that these spreadsheets are understood and used correctly.

To download the spreadsheets, please fill in the information below and click the "submit" button. Note that the information will not be used for any purposes other than our own internal accounting. That is, we won't sell your email address to direct marketing agencies or any such thing.

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This page is Copyright (C) Evan Bentz, last modified on June 10, 2000
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