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Response-2000 is an easy to use sectional analysis program that will calculate the strength and ductility of a reinforced concrete cross-section subjected to shear, moment, and axial load. All three loads are considered simultaneously to find the full load-deformationresponse using the latest research based on the modified compression field theory. The program was developed at the University of Toronto by Evan Bentz in a project supervised by Professor Michael P. Collins.

Response-2000 is able to calculate the strength of traditional beams and columns as well as or better than existing methods and, more importantly, is able to make predictions of shear strengths for sections that cannot easily be modelled today such as circular columnsand tapered web beams.

With its fast input and output, windows based interface and ample graphical output, to allow for easy checking of results,Response-2000 allows the engineer to examine beam and column behaviour with a new level of confidence and accuracy.

Response-2000 is available freely for use from this web site.

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