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Note that due to publication schedules, The program currently at this website is Membrane-2012, but the website is still the old one for Membrane-2000. I will update the website as soon as Response-2012 is finished as well. The input files for the Xie, Bentz and Collins ACI paper (ACI Nov-Dec 2011) will be put up here as well for inspection. See the Response-2000 webpage for updates (click the references button to get there).

Note that I have updated this webpage before putting up the actual new executable but that it should be up within days. I need to do some final checks first.

old website content follows

Membrane-2000 is an easy to use analysis program that will calculate the load-deformation relationship for a uniform panel of reinforced concrete subjected to in-plane shear loading. The program implements the Modified Compression Field Theory as well as the Rotating Angle-Softened Truss Model and the Fixed Angle-Softened Truss Models. The program was developed at the University of Toronto as part of the thesis of Evan Bentz in a project supervised by Professor Michael P. Collins.

Membrane-2000 is available freely for use from this web site.

This site contains the following information: