Welcome to my picture book for the University of Toronto Fall 2002 Survey camp.  Survey camp this fall took place in the 2 week period from August 18-31 of 2002.  41 Students took part of which 75% were in Civil Engineering and 25% in Mineral Engineering. 

This page will be divided up into a series of sections as shown below:

Section I: Work done at camp

Section II: Professors teaching camp

Section III: Animals seen at camp

Section IV: Fun at camp

Section V: Selection of monuments from previous years

Section VI: Nature shots

Section VII: Spring 2002 Survey camp pictures (taken by Renzo Basset)

This page, and the photos herein, unless otherwise noted, are copyright (c) Evan Bentz August 2002.  If you see a picture that you would like a higher resolution version of (1600x1200 pixels), ask using the email address below.  Only 1 file per person please as they are about 0.5 Megabytes each and I do not want to spend all day sending pictures! 

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