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Image not available.   Professor Khandker Nurul Habib completed his Ph.D. in 2007 from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto. After finishing his Ph.D., he joined the University of Alberta as an assistant professor in civil engineering. He worked for the University of Alberta from 2008 to 2010 and was responsible for re-building the graduate program in transportation engineering. He moved to Toronto to join his Alma Mater in 2010. Currently, he is leading the research programs in sustainable transportation planning, demand modelling and travel survey methods (the Travel Demand Modelling Group: TDMG) at the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI) of the civil engineering department. Professor Nurul Habib has extensive research and consulting experiences in transportation engineering and planning. His overall research focus is sustainable transportation planning and policy development. For this, he recognizes that we need a clear understanding of peoples' transportation behaviour and appropriate methodology for capturing such behaviour while forecasting demand for transportation infrastructure or results of any transportation and land use policies. For his pioneering contribution in these areas, he received a number of national and international awards. These include Eric Pass Award (honorable mention) from International Association of Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR), Pyke Johnson Award from Transportation Research Board (TRB), Early Researcher Award from the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation (MEDI) Ontario and Minister's Award of Excellent in Process Innovation from Alberta Ministry of Transportation.


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Areas of Expertise

-Sustainable Transportation Planning
-Travel Demand Modelling
-Choice Modelling
-Data Analytics (Statistics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent) for evidence investigation
-Travel Behaviour and Activity-Based Modelling
-Integrated Land Use and Transportation Modelling
-Survey Design, Stated Preference (SP) Experiment
-Transport Policy and Transport Economics
-Transportation in Developing Countries

Choice modelling is one of the key strengths of Professor Nurul Habib. He uses data analytics (statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence) for investigating evidence (valid and reliable facts) for transportation demand, policy impacts and strategic (resource planning) decision makings. However, he believes that without any theoretical basis, mechanistic data analysis does not reveal any valid truth. Microeconomic and psychological theories are able to form the basis on evidence identification and fact finding. Professor Nurul Habib is an expert in developing specification and estimation methods of Random Utility Maximization(RUM) based discrete as well as RUM based continuous choice models. His research also involves overcoming many limitations of RUM assumption in choice modelling through hybrid mixes of choice set formation probability and rules. Professor Nurul Habib applies his advanced models in the area of travel demand modelling, integrated land-use/transportation modelling, microsimulation, advanced econometric choice modelling and sustainable transportation planning. He applies advanced econometric approach and microeconomic theories for travel demand and integrated land use-transportation modelling. His current research is on transportation system and economic development in the context of urban transformations and their impacts on people's travel behaviour.

Professor Nurul Habib is a very active member in Travel Demand, Transportation Planning and Travel Behaviour Research Communities. In his short academic career, he published over 60 peer-reviewed journal papers and over 200 conference papers. He has served as Guest Editors of Transportation (with Dr Stacey Bricka in 2015) and Transportation Research Part B (Professor Abdul Pinjari in 2013). He is also an active member of TRB Standing Committees on "Travel Behaviour and Values" (ADB10) & "Effects of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on Travel Choices (ADB20)"

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Prof. Khandker Nurul Habib
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