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-My Visiting Position, 2016-2017

-My two cents on transit development debate in Toronto, Jan 04, 2016

-Invited Panel member of the Symposium on "Cities of Learning: The University in the America", May 11-12, 2015

-My Comment on Traffic Congestion in CBC Toronto News at 6 on March 31, 2015

-UTTRI Workshop on Travel Survey, October 03, 2014

-Lecture on Travel Demand of Aging Population, June 18, 2014

-Live comment on Congestion Mitigation Policy Options for Toronto in CP24: March 30, 2014

-Commenting on road pricing and space rationing on mach 19, 2014 in Toronto Star, Metro News, Toronto

-Commenting on City of Toronto's decision to change Peak Period Parking charges in Global News on January 21st, 2014

-Documentary on Toronto's Traffic in Global News on Sep 23, 2013:

-Commenting in City TV 6 pm News on Sep 20, 2013 on the Weekend Closure of Gardiner Expressway /

-Quote in Globe and Mail-Have your Say on Bike Commuting (May 28, 2013)

-YouTube Interview

-Quote in 'Globe and Mail' article (March 23, 2013)

-2013 Alberta Transportation Minister's Award of Excellence in Process Innovation.

-Featured Interview: Professor Khandker Nurul Habib

-Early Researcher Award 2012

-Interview with Nazifa Islam (July 2011)

-TRB Pyke Johnson Award

-Eric Pas Dissertation Award

-June 2011: Professor Khandker Nurul Habib jointly with Professor Amer Shalaby is awarded funding for a research project on the holiest place of the Muslim worlds; the Holly Makkah City. The project is sponsored by the Hajj Research Institute of Makkah. The project is on “Developing Makkah Travel Demand Model”. Makkah is like no other city, not only because of its special status in the Muslim the world but also due to its unique spatiotemporal, socioeconomic and demographic characteristics. Makkah is set to have a major facelift over the next decade or two, with major urban development and transportation infrastructure projects currently at various stages of planning. This research aims at developing a conceptual framework for a travel demand model specific to the Makkah City. It will focus on developing the data collection program and associated travel survey instruments required to estimate and continuously update the travel demand models. The goal is to develop a state-of-the-art travel demands model for the Makkah. The model system will support the analytical assessment of urban development and transportation projects in future.

-Transportation Research at UofT: Professor Nurul Habib is noted
-Community Based Traffic Safety supervised by Professor Khandker Nurul Habib

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Presenters (My Students) of First UTTRI Workshop on Advances in Modelling Methods: October 2013, U of T

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Ahmed (My first PhD Student) Finished Defending his PhD Thesis: August 2013, U of T

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Paper from Jenessa's undergrad thesis at TRB_with my students (January 2014)

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Elli just successfully defended MASc thesis (October 2014)

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Happy Sami: MASc Convocation (June 2015)

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With proud parents of Vivian in her MASc convocation (November 2015)

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With proud parents of Wafic El-Assi in his MASc convocation (November 2016)

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Tian and Teddy: Convocation 2017

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TTS2.0 Summer Research Team 2017

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Adam just successfully defended his PhD Thesis: Oct 2-2017

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Laila just successfully defended her PhD Thesis (With Examiners Yoram Shiftan and Eric): Nov 22-2017

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Saidal just successfully defended his PhD Thesis: March 26-2018

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us: May 2015, U of T

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