The Advanced Photovoltaics and Devices (APD) Research Group at the University of Toronto is actively carrying out innovative research and technology developments in the areas of photovoltaics and the allied fields of photonics and electronics.

Current major research thrusts within the APD Group include:
    Ultra-thin Silicon Photovoltaics & Allied Devices
    Photonic Crystals
    Optical Coatings and Photonic Materials
    MicroPower Sources and M/NEMS Sensors

The APD Group works closely with industry and research partners, helping develop innovative technologies and conducting forwarding looking fundamental and applied research.

APD and affiliated laboratories consist of state-of-the-art thin film and nanostructured materials and devices synthesis and diagnostic facilities.


Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising those of the future.

One of the major challenges facing the earth is sustainably meeting the energy needs of its inhabitants.

Solar energy has the potential of becoming a significant part of the global energy mix. It is by far the largest potential source of energy for the planet, dwarfing all other sources combined.

Through the engagement of talented young minds, the APD Group is carrying out sustainable energy motivated research and making allied technological advances.

The APD Research Group is led by Nazir Kherani.