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06/2011 A postdeadline submission to the 2011 Advanced Photonics Congress conference by Eric and Zhiyuan was accepted. Congratulations, Eric and Zhiyuan!.

06/2011 Fei, Lijun, Chris, Eric and William will be presenting at the upcoming 2011 Advanced Photonics Congress conference! Congratulations to all!

06/2011 Eric has won an NSERC Doctoral Scholarship. Congratulations, Eric!.

06/2011 Peyman has won a SPIE Scholarship. Congratulations, Peyman!.

06/2011 Fei publishes his work on continuous-wave cavity ring-down measurements based on Frequency Shifted Interferometry in Optics Letters

05/2011 We are granted a PoP project by the Ministry of Research and Innovations on Quantum Random Number Generator.

05/2011 Eric, Peyman, Chris, and Jason will be presenting at the 2011 CLEO conference. Zhiyuan is a co-author on one of the papers. Congratulations to Eric, Peyman, Chris, Jason and Zhiyuan!

03/2011 Michael has won the prestigious NSERC Vanier Scholarship . This scholarship is extremely competitive, given to world-class doctoral students, valued at $50,000 per year for three years. Well done, Michael!

01/2011 Welcome Hui-Lin! Ms. Hui-Lin Hsu will be pursuing her PhD degree under Prof. Kherani and Prof. Qian, focusing research on amorphous carbon material for photonic applications.

09/2010 Welcome, Christian! Dr. Christian Weedbrook will be working with Prof. Lo and Prof. Qian as a postdoctoral fellow. He won the competitive PhD fellowship offered by the Ontario Ministry of Research as well as the prize postdoctoral fellowship in CQIQC. Congratulations Christian! Christian will be working on the theoretical aspects of continuous-variable QKD.

09/2010 Welcome back, Michael! Michael Galle is back to our group to pursue his PhD degree, while remaining as the President of Inometrix.

09/2010 Welcome this year's new graduate students: Zhiyuan Tang, Ahmed Akef, and Daniel Huynh. Zhiyuan comes from U of Alberta and will be pursuing a PhD degree in the physics department, and Ahmad Akef is an ECE M.A.Sc. student, both are co-supervised by Prof. Qian and Prof. Lo. Both will be working on projects in QKD. Daniel is an M.A.Sc student working under Prof. Lothar Lilge (Ontario Cancer Institute) and Prof. Qian. He will be investigating tissue response under modulated laser illumination.

08/2010 Dr. Bing Qi filed patent applications on Quantum Random Number Generation. This technology would enable truly random numbers to be generated at a high-speed (>Gb/s), with a wide range of applications, from data security to communications.

08/2010 Congratulations Wing Chau, for a successful MASc. thesis defense!

07/2010 Congratulations William, for a successful MASc. thesis defense!

07/2010 Dr. Wen Zhu will be leaving our group to accept another position in UTM campus. You've helped us a lot over the years and we will all miss you, Wen!

06/2010 Congratulations Fei, for getting the best student oral presentation prize at the CIPI annual meeting!

05/2010 Congratulations Peyman, for your Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)! It is extremely rare for visa students to obtain an OGS. So, well done, Peyman!

05/2010 Congratulations Eric, for successfully passing the PhD qualifying exam!

05/2010 Eric and Chris each presented their work at CLEO/QELS 2010 in San Jose.

05/2010 Welcome, this year's summer students: Edward Lee Kim-Koon, Xuzhou (Leo) Zhang, and Lucy Li. All are second-year EngSci students.

04/2010 Eric Zhu publishes his work on the measurement of chi(2)symmetry in poled fibers in Optics Letters. This work provides the first convincing experimental evidence that chi(2) in poled fiber is originated from chi(3) of silica fiber. This is also the first report of measurement of individual chi(2) tensor elements in fiber. Congratulations Eric!

04/2010 Shahabedin Shahdoostfard, a Masters student from Sharif University of Technology, is visiting us for the next few months. Welcome, Shahab!

10/2009 Raymond Tsai publishes his work on erbium-doped deuterated amorphous carbon in Optics Express. Congrats!

10/2009 Our proposal "Compact Entangled Photon Sources for Practical Quantum Systems" has won an NSERC Strategic Grant! We are looking for one new postdoc to work on developing all-fiber entangled photon sources.

10/2009 We have won another NSERC strategic grant titled "Gas Composition Sensor for Biogas Fueled Engines" (in collaboration with Prof. Wallace in MIE). We are recruiting one new graduate student to work on this project, developing fiber-optic sensors.

08/2009 CQIQC has successfully completed its third Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control. This is also the inaugural year for the John Stewart Bell Prize, presented to Dr. Nicolas Gisin by Prof. Alain Aspect.

07/2009 Congratulations to Fei on publishing his work in IEEE J. of Lightwave Technology

07/2009 With the support from INO and IVG Fiber , we are granted another CIPI grant to continue poled fiber work

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Li Qian
Canada Research Chair 
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Welcome! I am an associate professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (Photonics Group), at the University of Toronto. I teach and conduct research in optics and photonics. I am fortunate to work with the following magnificent graduate students and researchers: Yuemeng Chi, Jason Ng, Wing-Chau Ng, Dr. Bing Qi, Chris Sapiano, Peyman Sarrafi, Fei Ye, Lijun Zhang, Eric Zhu, and Dr. Wen Zhu. Together, we've been conducting experimental research in the areas of ultrafast photonics, quantum communication, and optical sensing and metrology.

I am the Canada Research Chair in Photonic Technologies and Applications (2006-2011). I was the winner of the Premier's Research Excellence Award in Ontario in 2003. I served as a technical committee member for the OSA's Optical Amplifier and Their Applications Conference, the Nonlinear Photonics conference, and the SPIE's Photonics North conference. I was elected Senior Member of the IEEE in 2006.

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