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06/2017 Congratulations to Dr. Pisek and Dr. Eric Zhu for publication in Nature Scientific Reports on their work on direct generation of polarization entangled photons in AlGaAs waveguides

06/2017 Welcome to our newest group member, Neel Choksi, a fourth-year undergraduate student from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), India, to work on his thesis project

03/2017 We just got NSERC and OCE's joint support on developing commercial, compact, entangled photon source with our new industry partner, Oz Optics!

02/2017 Congratulations to Dr. Jason Ng for publication of his work in Optics Letters as the Editor's pick of the month. The work reports the successful generation of second-harmonic in a fs-laser-written silica waveguide with quasi-phase matching period also written by the femtosecond laser.

01/2017 Congratulations to our new graduates: Dr. Jason Ng

09/2016 Welcome to our newest group members, Prof. Huiyong Guo and Chunran Sun. Prof. Guo is a visiting professor from Wuhan University of Technology (WHUT), China. He is an expert in fiber fabrication and FBG fabrication. They have one of the few facilities in the world to make weak inline FGBs during fiber draw. Chunran Sun is a visiting PhD student from Beijing Jiaotong University.

08/2016 Congratulations to our new graduates: Dr. Zhiyuan Tang

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Li Qian
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Welcome! I am a professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (Photonics Group), at the University of Toronto. I teach and conduct research in optics and photonics. I am fortunate to work with the many magnificent graduate students and researchers. Together, we've been conducting experimental research in the areas of quantum photonics, quantum communication, and optical sensing and metrology.

I was the Canada Research Chair in Photonic Technologies and Applications (2006-2012). I was the winner of the Premier's Research Excellence Award in Ontario in 2003. I served as a technical committee member for the OSA's Optical Amplifier and Their Applications Conference, the Nonlinear Photonics conference, and I have been a co-chair of the Optical and Quantum Communication Symposium at the IEEE's Photonics North conference from 2015-2017. I was elected Senior Member of the IEEE in 2006. I have been a topical editor of the Chinese Optics Letters since 2011.

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