Some useful, interesting, and perhaps thought-provoking sources:

  • Links Related to Engineering Education
Google Scholar - Great starting point for literature reviews:

ASEE - Conference paper search, another great source of related papers:

Teaching Tips - A very good collection of information related to teaching in higher education:

CTSI - Our very own Center for Teaching Support and Innovation:

Richard Felder's Homepage - The collection of resources created by a legend in the field of engineering education (includes the Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire):
  • Links Related to Engineering Outreach
ASEE Engineering Go For It - A great site for students and teachers to explore engineering and see how it can be incorporated into the classroom:
Pueblo Science - A local not-for-profit initiative which has created science kits for students in developing countries:
  • Sites Related to My Teaching and Courses
Quadrocopter Ball Juggling - Amazing demonstration of system control:

Mendochino Motor - A very nice demonstration of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solar powered motor:

Dancing Robots - No need to say more:

Superconducting Train Demonstration - A classic video:
  • Other Interesting Sites
Instructables - All sorts of plans, descriptions, and ideas of how to build things:

Make Projects - Another great collection of buildables:

ifixit - An interesting site with nice "teardowns" of common electronics:

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