The following facilities are open to all academic and industrial clients. For scheduling and user fees please contact Prof. Lu.

LUMINOS® Cluster Tool (WB 71A)

LUMINOS® Cluster Tool

  • Process up to 4"x4" substrates.
  • Central distribution chamber with robotic manipulator.
  • RF/DC plasma chamber for cleaning/etching.
  • Sputter chamber equipped with three RF/DC/Pulsed DC magnetrons.
  • Organic growth chamber equipped with 8 K-cells and 2 thermal sources.
  • Metallization chamber with 2 thermal sources.
  • Device characterization chamber for in situ performance measurements.

PHI 5500 Surface Analysis (WB 163)

PHI 5500 Surface Analysis

PHI 5500 Surface Analysis

  • PHI 5500 analytical chamber (10-10 Torr).
    • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS).
    • Ultra-violet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS).
    • Auger electron spectroscopy (AES).
    • Scanning Auger microscopy (SAM).
    • Chemical composition analysis.
    • Sputter depth profiling.
    • Valence band spectroscopy.
  • Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) in situ.
  • Organic molecular beam epitaxy (OMBE) in situ.
  • UV ozone treatment in situ.

Materials Process Lab (WB 71B)

Materials Process Lab

  • Clean room equipped with various process tools for lithographic patterning.
  • Laminar flow fumehood for wet chemical processing and UV ozone treatment.
  • Purification of organic molecules by vacuum sublimation.

Optoelectronics Lab (WB 71D)

Optoelectronics Lab

  • HP 4275A LCR meter for high-frequency CV testing.
  • HP 4140B meter for IV and quasi-static CV testing.
  • Keithley 647 IV source meter.
  • Closed-loop He cryostat (50 - 400 K).
  • Minolta LS-110 luminance meter.
  • Newport solar simulator and test station.
  • Integrating sphere with fibre spectrometer.
  • N2 laser for TOF and transient PL measurements.